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Amazon's Alexa Randomly Laughs at Users and Nobody Knows Why
Pikachu Talk App Lets You Chat with the Iconic Pokémon Through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Amazon Agrees to Hand Over Echo Data in Murder Case
Amazon's Kindle App Gets More Social
The Amazon Echo is an Unlikely Speech Therapist
Whole Foods Slashes Prices on Some Produce; Also Selling Amazon's Echo
If Amazon Wants to Reinvent Messaging, Here's its Biggest Challenge
Apple, Amazon and Google Also are Bracing for Privacy Regulation
Persona 5 Amazon Orders Cancelled in Mass Due to Defect
Amazon Web Services will Now Charge by the Second, its Biggest Pricing Change in Years
The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon even Closer to Total Domination
Someone Stole my Entire Book (and my Job) and is Selling it on Amazon
Amazon Working on Alexa Voice Recognition Technology that Can Tell Different Voices Apart
Amazon is Looking to Further Expand Alexa Ecosystem with Two New Products
Amazon's Alexa App Headed to Windows PCs, Exposing Cortana's Smart-home Weakness
Take Alexa on the Go in Amazon's Shopping App
Amazon Echo has Finally Caught-up with this Google Home Feature
Is Amazon Prepping YouTube-Like Service? Files AmazonTube Trademark
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