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Samsung Confirms it's Working on a Smart Speaker to Rival Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo
Samsung Confirms Work on Speaker to Compete with Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo
The FTC Says it won't Stop Amazon from Buying Whole Foods
Amazon is Getting Some Competition: Wal-Mart and Google Venture into Voice-activated Shopping
Walmart, Google Join Forces in Online Fight Against Amazon
Google Targets Amazon's Smart Speaker Price Advantage
Google and Walmart are Partnering on Voice Shopping in a Challenge to Amazon's Alexa
Amazon Opens up Access to Developer Tools for Adding Alexa to Commercial Products
Amazon Lets Alexa Roam Free
Amazon will Put 1,600 Echo Dots in Arizona State University’s Engineering Student Dorms
Amazon Donated 1600 Echo Dot Smart Speakers to ASU's New High-tech Dorm for Engineers
EE TV Gets Voice Controls Thanks to Amazon's Alexa
Google Home and Chromecast Vs. Amazon Echo and Fire TV: Which is the Best Hands-free TV Experience?
Amazon Expands Program that Pays Alexa Developers for Top-performing Voice Apps
This Utah Merchant Says He's Worried About Paying Rent Thanks to Amazon's War on Fake Eclipse Glasses
Amazon will Pay More Developers Who Make Popular Alexa Skills
Amazon will Pay Developers with the Most Engaging Alexa Skills
Amazon Echo India Release Pegged for October at Rs. 12000
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