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Amazon's Alexa has a New Voice, Jeff Bezos Reveals in Super Bowl Ad
So, What's up with Amazon's Alexa Super Bowl Ad?
Amazon Teases New Voice for Alexa in Super Bowl Ad
Google to Create a Cloud App Marketplace, Chasing Amazon
Alexa Loses her Voice in New Super Bowl Ad Starring Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Himself
Why Apple HomePod May Be a Strong Amazon Echo Competitor
Amazon Adds Single Sign on for Fire TV
Amazon is Bringing a Much-needed Feature to the Fire TV
Apple's Getting Back into the E-Books Fight Against Amazon
5 Ways HomePod will Beat Amazon Echo and Google Home (and 5 Ways it won't)
Amazon Go Seattle Ready to Open: What is it like to Shop at the no Checkout Store?
Amazon Go Store Opens in Seattle with no Cashiers
Amazon Go Store Opens in Seattle
Google Just Broke Amazon's Workaround for YouTube on Fire TV
Amazon Go Store Now Open to the Public, no Cashiers, no Checkout Lines [Video]
No-Checkout 'Amazon Go' Store Opens Monday in Seattle
No-Checkout 'Amazon Go' Store Opens Monday in Seattle
Inside Amazon’s Surveillance-powered No-checkout Convenience Store
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