Amazon stories

Amazon Brings its Echo Smart Speakers and Music Unlimited Service to 28 New Countries
Siri Vs Alexa: Amazon Brings its Voice Assistant to the iPhone
Here's Why Amazon Might Release a Streaming Service
Amazon Agrees to Hand Over Echo Records for Murder Case
South Park Trolled Amazon Echo Owners in the Best Way Possible
Apple Now Relies on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon S3 for iCloud Data
There's a Major Tech Tit for Tat Going on Between Amazon and Google
Survey: Consumers Turn to Amazon, not Google, to Find Products
Amazon Announces Reference Device for an Alexa-powered Smart Lamp
Amazon Echo and Google Home Want to Be your New House Phone
Nest is Rejoining Google to Better Compete with Amazon and Apple
Samsung's New Galaxy Tab a Takes on Amazon's Low-cost Tablets
Amazon Alexa's Brief Mode Stops the Voice Assistant from Saying, 'OK'
Amazon has Acquired Ring to Bolster its Home Security Products
Caavo's $400 Set-top Box Unites Amazon, Apple, and Everything Else into One TV Interface
This New Thermostat has Amazon Alexa Built in so You Can Adjust the Temperature by Talking to it
Amazon's Alexa Set to Dominate CES
Amazon's New Social Network is Looking a Lot like Pinterest
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