Amazon stories

Amazon Widens its Retail Footprint with Kohl's Partnership
You Can Now Use your Alexa Devices to Control your Amazon Fire TV
Amazon.UK Squeezes SNES Classic Scalpers by Restricting Bulk Orders
Amazon Dash Buttons Make their Way Online
Amazon's Alexa and Echo are Now Available in India
Amazon Makes it Easier to Give Alexa Follow-up Commands
Sorta, Kinda Free Amazon Dash Wand Adds Alexa
Blu Phones are Back on Amazon After 'False Alarm' Over Data Slurping
Amazon Key Takes Deliveries to New Level: Inside your Home
Amazon's New Dev Kit Promises to Bring Alexa Far-field Tech to More Third-party Devices
Amazon Adds Alexa to its Main Shopping App
Gift This, not That: Amazon Echo Vs. Google Home
Google Pulls YouTube from Amazon Devices, Escalating Spat
Amazon's Alexa Can Create Lists for Virtually Anything
Motorola's Moto X4 has Two Cameras and Amazon's Alexa
Six All-New Amazon Devices Revealed: Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Fire TV, Echo Connect & Echo Buttons
No-Checkout 'Amazon Go' Store Opens Monday in Seattle
Ask Questions, Control your Home with Amazon, Google Smart Speakers
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