Amazon stories

Amazon Surpasses Alphabet in Market Value
Amazon's Cloud Service has Outage, Disrupting Sites
Amazon Key Can Require your Fingerprint to Allow In-home Deliveries
Amazon Cloud Outage Disrupts Traffic for Websites, Apps
Amazon Alexa Hits 10000 Skills. Here Comes the Hard Part
Amazon Taps Kohl's, Google Snags Home Depot as AI Assistants Compete for your Attention (and Money)
The Amazon Echo Now has 10000 Mostly Useless 'Skills'
Amazon's Earnings Miss, but Nothing Can Stop AWS
Amazon is Making a Major Play for Windows PCs
Amazon HQ2 Could Be Coming to your City Soon (The 3:59, Ep. 341)
Amazon Alexa is Great. But What if She Could do More?
Google Plans to Boost Amazon Competitors in Search
Why Apple's HomePod is Three Years Behind Amazon's Echo
Amazon Launches Whole Foods Deliveries in Four Cities
Here are your Options if YouTube Vanishes from Amazon Gizmos
Google Just Broke Amazon's Workaround for YouTube on Fire TV
Amazon's Alexa Now has McAfee Smarts for Network Security
Amazon Cloud Cam: The Gatekeeper for Amazon's In-home Delivery is Also a Swell Standalone Security Camera
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