Amazon stories

Larry Ellison Says it will Be 'Really Hard' for Amazon not to Use Oracle
These Noise-cancelling Headphones are a Hit on Amazon
Gas Stations and Travel are the Two Trillion Dollar Industries Amazon Could Disrupt Next, Analyst Predicts
Amazon Brings Whole Foods Voice Shopping to Alexa
South Korea Moving to Tax Apple, Amazon, Google & Other Tech Companies
Amazon Files Patent for Real-time Accent Detection and Translation
This HAL-9000 Replica with Amazon Alexa Support Totally Won’t Try to Murder You or Anything
Amazon Patents a Real-time Accent Translator
Amazon’s Kid-friendly Storytelling App is Now Free, and Works with Alexa
Amazon Forays into Australia with Small Loss
Amazon’s Echo Look Fashion Assistant Lacks Critical Context
Samsung’s Dual Wireless Charger Leaks a Week Early at Amazon Event
Italian Watchdog Fines Amazon for Unauthorized Postal Services
Jamie Dimon Once Talked to Jeff Bezos About Taking a Job at Amazon
Amazon Predictably Cancels Echo Spot Orders After They were Listed for Free
Amazon has Abandoned its Crowdsourced Approach to Original Programming Pilots
Sorry, Amazon: These Gorgeous Libraries are Here to Stay
Amazon: Cops Should Set Confidence Level on Facial Recognition to 99%
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