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Businesses Can Now Send Android Users Multimedia Texts Via RCS
Google Launches Android Phone Recommendation Program for Businesses
Android P to Prevent Malicious Apps from Accessing your Camera and Microphone
Android P will not Allow Background Apps to Access your Smartphone's Camera and Microphone
Google Combines Android Pay and Google Wallet for Google Pay
Google Updates Pay App for Android, Promises Feature on all Google Products
Google Pay Replaces Android Pay, Google Wallet as New Payments Platform
Google's Latest Beta Hints at What Should Be a Key Android P Feature
Android P will Prevent Apps from Quietly Hijacking your Camera
Say Goodbye to Android Pay and Hello to Google Pay
Google Begins Replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet with New App
Why Choosing Between Android and iOS Still Matters
Android Circuit: Samsung Confirms Galaxy S9 Features, USA Gets Slow S9, Android Mimics iPhone Notch
Google Launches a Lightweight 'Gmail Go' App for Android
Here's Why Samsung Unexpectedly Stopped Android Oreo Rollout for Galaxy S8, S8+
Samsung Galaxy S9: Release Date, Price, Specs and Rumours About 2018's First Android Superphone
Google Launches Gmail Go for Android
Chrome's Ad-filtering Feature on Android. (Screenshot Via Google)
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