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New Android Malware Strain Can Hijack Older Phones
What is Monero?: New Cryptocurrency is Being Mined by Malware on Android
Android Malware is Taking Over Phones to Mine for Cryptocurrency
60 Million Android Users Hit by Cryptocurrency Miner
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Google Should Copy Chinese Android Skins' Swipe-based Navigation
Google's Next Android Overhaul is Said to Embrace iPhone `Notch'
VLC 3.0 Finally Brings Chromecast Support to the Mainstream Android App
Android Messages May Soon Let You Text from the Web
Android Circuit: New Galaxy S9 Leaks, Google Unlocks Pixel's Power, Samsung's Secret Weapon
Android Oreo is Rolling Out to Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 Too
Android Messages App Sheds Light on Google's Plan to Take on iMessage
Here's Every Single New Emoji Coming to iPhone and Android this Year
Leaked Android Phone has More Screen than the iPhone X
Android Feature Request: Let Us “User-Initiate” App Updates on Google Play, Just like System Updates
5 Awesome Android Features You Probably Take for Granted
Google Brings AR Stickers to Android Phones Through its Motion Stills App
Google Video App Brings AR Stickers to the Android Masses
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