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Google is Patching a Bug that Slows Down Wi-Fi Networks Connected to Both Android and Chromecast Devices
Google Contacts App is Now Available on all Non-Pixel/Nexus Android Devices
Google Can Add New Features to Android Wear Through its App Store
Moto G5 Plus: A Budget Android Phone with all the Right Features
7 Ways the iPhone X Copies Android Phones
Android Inventor Andy Rubin to Unveil 'Essential' AR Phone
Abandoning Android: Phone X is Apple's First Device to Satisfy all my Mobile Needs
First Look: Tag Heuer's Modular, Pricey Android Wear Smartwatch
Alexa Now Plays Nice with Amazon Music for iOS, Android
All Chromebooks Debuting in 2017 and Beyond will Run Android Apps
7 New Tricks to Try with Google Assistant on Android
Android's New 'Instant Tethering' Feature Gets You Online Without Unlocking your Phone
Exclusive: Chat is Google's Next Big Fix for Android's Messaging Mess
Bill Gates Goes Android, Still won't Use an iPhone
Android Beats iOS in Smartphone Loyalty, Study Finds
Google Lens Now Available to all Android Phones Via Google Photos
Android O Brings Better Battery Life and Notifications
Apple Releases Three New Ads Tempting Android Users to Switch to iPhone [Video]
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