Android stories

​This iPhone Case is an Android Phone, and it's Madness
OnePlus won't Support Android Oreo's Quick OS Updates Feature
Moto Z Play and Nextbit Robin Pick up Android 7.1.1 Upgrades
Verizon is Actually Rolling Out Android Oreo to Pixel Devices in a Timely Fashion
Now Essential's Android Phone will Work on Verizon Too
Android Oreo 8.1 is Finally Available for Essential Phones
Sundar Pichai will 'Drop Everything' to Fix Android's Cheeseburger Emoji
Study Finds that People are More Loyal to Android than iOS
Samsung Galaxy S8 Gets Refreshed Design as Android 8.0 Oreo Update Release Nears
YouTube's Super-light App is Now Available on Android
Android User? Apple's New 'Switch to iPhone' Campaign Wants to Convert You
The Essential Android Business Apps
HQ's Live Trivia is Coming to Android in Time for the Holidays
Google is Patching a Bug that Slows Down Wi-Fi Networks Connected to Both Android and Chromecast Devices
Google Contacts App is Now Available on all Non-Pixel/Nexus Android Devices
Google Can Add New Features to Android Wear Through its App Store
Moto G5 Plus: A Budget Android Phone with all the Right Features
7 Ways the iPhone X Copies Android Phones
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