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Facebook Testing Instant Video Feature for Android
Facebook is Testing Pre-Loaded 'Instant Videos' for Android Users
Android's Fragmentation will Give Google's ARCore Problems
The 5 Android Oreo Features You'll Actually Want to Use
Moto X4 Android One Edition in Works, Likely to Launch Later this Year
YouTube HDR Video Support Out Now for Select Smartphones, Playback Speed Controls Comes to Android, iOS
Qualcomm Claims Android Always Beats the iPhone to New Features
The 5 Android Oreo Features You'll Actually Want to Use
Motorola Moto X4 Might Arrive in US as First Phone Powered by Android One
Android's Best Smartphones Raise the Bar for the Next iPhone
Galaxy Note 8 Performance Vs. iPhone 7 Plus and Every Top Android Phone: It's not even Close
No, an iPhone 8 Delay won't Send Users Scurrying to Android
5 Features Apple's iPhone 8 Needs to Beat Android
Android Oreo Update Hits OnePlus 3 Closed Beta Group, Public Beta for 3, 3T, and 5 Coming Soon
Yep, the Google Pixel 2 will Be the Same as Every Other Android
Google's Pixel 2 will Likely Use Same Processor as Every Other 2017 Flagship Android Phone
Facial Recognition on the iPhone 8 will Work Better than any Android Phone
Why Android Oreo Stacks up Well as a Major Update
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