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Android Apps Must Have 64-bit Support by August 2019
Samsung Galaxy S9: Release Date, Price, Specs and Rumours About 2018's First Android Superphone
This Android Malware Can Damage your Phone Mining Cryptocurrency
Changes to Google Play Store will Require Apps to Be Optimized for Newer Android Versions
Android Team Outlines Changes for App Developers to Increase Platform Security, Performance
Google to Bid Old Android Apps a Fond Farewell Next August
Channel Master's Stream+ is an Android TV Box with a Built-in TV Tuner, but no Netflix
You Can Finally Change the Google Assistant Hotword on your Android Phone
Xbox Party Chat is Coming to Android and iOS
The Galaxy S9 will Be the First Android Flagship Launched Next Year, but Maybe not the Best
Next Year's iPhones will Get a Huge Head Start on Every Android Phone
Google Assistant Comes to Older Android Phones Running 5.0 and up
Google's Lightweight Maps Go App is Built for Low-end Android Devices
If You've Got an Older Android Phone, Google Just Threw You a Bone
Google Assistant Heads to Tablets, Older Android Phones
Google Assistant is Coming to Older Android Phones and Tablets
Google Bringing the Assistant to Tablets and Lollipop Android Phones
Google Assistant is Now Available on Android Tablets and even More Phones
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