Android stories

I Switch Between iPhone and Android Whenever I Want Without Losing Anything
Google Makes Pixel 2's Driving Awareness Available to Android Apps
Wayfair's Android App Now Lets You Shop for Furniture Using Augmented Reality
Can Samsung, Other Android Manufacturers Catch up with Apple's 3D-Sensing Technology?
Laser Shortage Means Android Fans won't Get Face ID-Like Features any Time Soon
If You Love Old Android Apps, Android P Doesn't
Will Take Android Brands Two Years to Catch up with Face ID, Say Key Parts Manufacturers
You won't Have to Spend iPhone X Money to Get a Top-notch Android Phone this Year
Android 8.1 Causes a Possibly Dangerous Overcharging Bug W/ Original Google Pixel XL
Google Pixel XL May Overcharge Due to an Android 8.1 Bug
Here's Why Android 9.0 P Could Block Many Apps from Working
Google Renames Android Wear as Wear OS in Desperate Move to Revive Dying Smartwatch Platform
Samsung Discontinuing Galaxy Phones' Movie Maker When Android 9.0 P Comes Out
Android P Feature: Very Old Apps won't Open on your Phone
Android P to Block Apps Built for Android 4.1 or Lower Versions
Android P will Prevent Apps Built for Android 4.1 or Lower from Running
HTC Devices to Get the Latest Android P 9.0 Update
Android Circuit: Galaxy S9's Secret Feature, Galaxy S9 Vs Pixel 2XL, Latest OnePlus 6 Leak
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