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Google's New 'Squoosh' App is Designed to Optimize your Images
App Store Honors Stan Lee with Comic-inspired Collection After Passing
India's Top Payments App Faces Challengers
YouTube's VR App Arrives on Oculus Go
Now It’s Easier to Protect your Browsing Privacy on iOS Devices with App
Nintendo Switch YouTube App Release Date Could Be About to Arrive, Latest Leaks Suggest
Why your App Idea is Just ‘meh’ and Won’t Succeed
Get VideoProc, a New Mac App for GPU Accelerated Video Processing, Editing and More
The Tidal App is Now Available on Samsung Wearable Devices
Samsung's Linux on DeX App Enters Private Beta
Byte: Vine Creator to Launch New Video-looping App
Amazon’s Alexa Virtual Assistant Now Available on Windows 10 PCs as a Standalone App
App Subscriptions are Gaining in Popularity
Netflix’s Hackathon Produces a Way to Navigate its iOS App with ARKit and Face ID
Apple's Clips App Gains New Selfie Scenes, Filters, Stickers and Soundtracks
Police Decrypt 258,000 Messages After Breaking Pricey IronChat Crypto App
You Can Soon Continue Using an Android App While It’s Being Updated
Opera will Block Those Annoying Cookie Dialog Boxes on its Android App
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