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Cambridge University's Brain-training App Works like Ritalin Without the Side Effects
UK’s Freeview TV Service Now has an App to Stream and Search its Channels
Fuzion App for iOS Brings Effortless Double Exposures and Image Blending to iPhone Portrait Photos
Every Gadget and App Should Have a Dark Mode
Politiscope, an App to Track Congressional Voting Records and Bills, Launches on Android Devices
The UK Government’s Settled Status App for EU Nationals is an Embarrassment
Deezer's New App Serves up 30,000 Radio Stations for Free
App Annie: WhatsApp is Now Facebook’s Most Popular App
Apple to Streamline Team Management in Apple Developer Program and App Store Connect
Pope Francis Invites Followers to Join Him on Praying App
Analyst Questions Whether Apple’s 70/30 Revenue Split in the App Store Could Hurt Services Growth
GoodNotes 5 Improves the Notes App in Every Way
NHL Teams up with SAP, Apple to Build Coaching App
WhatsApp Update Brings Brand New Stickers and Other Features to Messaging App
App Store Made Almost Twice as Much as Google Play in 2018
Naver Adds Korean Honorific Feature to its Papago AI Translation App
Chinese Province Launches an App to Highlight Debtors Around You
Squad is the New Screensharing Chat App Everyone will Copy
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