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Apple's App Store Mysteriously Went Dark in Iran Yesterday
iPhone Users in Iran Now Unable to Access the App Store
What is Facebook Lite? The Data-friendly App is Coming to the US
Apple Blocks all Access to the App Store from Iran
Facebook's Data-saving Android App is Coming to the US
Spotify Testing Voice Control Features in iOS App
Spotify is Testing In-app Voice Search
France Takes Legal Action Against Apple and Google for their App Stores
YouTube's Mobile App Gets a Dark Mode
Apple Just Bought a Magazine Subscription App. Here's What You Can do with it
Apple Scoops up Digital Magazine App Texture
Apple-approved Mac Store App Mined Crypto-coins
Apple Approved a Mac App with a Misbehaving Crypto-mining Feature
MoviePass CEO Addresses Privacy Concerns, Says App has Never Monitored Users' Locations
MoviePass CEO Seeks to Clarify App's Tracking Capabilities
Why Apple's Eddy Cue Thinks the App Store is the Next Popularity Benchmark for Music Streaming
Nintendo Switch Version 5.0 Coming? iOS App Teases New Update
There's a Currency Miner in the Mac App Store, and Apple Seems OK with it
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