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French Teenagers Swipe up for Arts on Macron’s App
Cycle Might Be the World’s Most Relaxing Music App
Transit App Expands Real-Time Crowdsourced Data to 175 Cities
Google's Firebase Intros In-app Messaging, BigQuery Integration
LinkedIn to Relaunch Groups in the Flagship App as it Looks to Reverse ‘ghost Town’ Image
Researchers' App Extends Battery Life When You're Multitasking
Is your Website or App Missing ‘the Spark’? This Training Should Help Light that Fire
Citrix Brings Unified Workspace App to Samsung DeX-enabled Devices
Home Discovery App Launches ‘Trulia Neighborhoods’ to Give Local Insight and More to Prospective House Buyers
Square Now Lets Customers in all 50 States Buy and Sell Bitcoins Via its Cash App
A Security App that Actually Makes Browsing Easier
Paper App Turns your iPad into a Sketch Book [50 Essential iOS Apps #47]
Google Launches Cameos, a Video Q&A App Aimed at Celebs
Crypto has a Killer App
Apple's Mettle in India Tested in Squabble Over Anti-spam App
Lightroom Might Be the Best Camera App on iOS
Secure Chat App Could Prove Key to Unmasking Violent Charlottesville White Supremacists
One App Keeps all your Cloud Storage Under Control
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