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Cadillac Gets New Standalone Spotify App
With New Operating System, Apple Revamps its Money-making App Store
Apple Bought a Start-up that will Make it Easier for Coders to Build Apps for the App Store
Google Lets Imaginations Run Wild with Toontastic 3D App
Using Walkie Talkie App Zello During a Storm: What You Need to Know
Google's New App Stops your Android Phone from Sucking up Too Much Data
Facebook's Bold and Bizarre VR Hangout App is Now Available for the Oculus Rift
Google Earth iOS App Updated with Flyover-Like 3D Views and 64-Bit Support
Snapchat Installs are Surging Despite Backlash Over the App's Redesign
iOS 11's New App Store Boosts Downloads by 800% for Featured Apps
Amazon's Alexa App Headed to Windows PCs, Exposing Cortana's Smart-home Weakness
App Developer Access to iPhone X Face Data Spooks Some Privacy Experts
OnePlus Includes Qualcomm Engineering App in Phones, Exposes Root Backdoor
Take Alexa on the Go in Amazon's Shopping App
Facebook Messenger Head Says the App is 'Too Cluttered,' and that a New Design is Coming
Apple Gave Uber's App 'Unprecedented' Access to a Secret Backdoor that Can Record iPhone Screens
Google Assistant's Shopping Lists are Moving to the Home App Today
Messages App in iOS 11 Now Includes Some Snazzy New Screen Effects
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