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Google's Flutter App Development Framework is Now in Beta
Even with Double the Subscribers, Spotify Says Apple will Always Have an Edge Owning the App Store
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Google Flutter Beta SDK Released to Boost Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
Vero App: What to Know About the Small but Growing Facebook Challenger
Google Starts a Push for Cross-platform App Development with Flutter SDK
Google Releases Flutter Beta to Assist Cross-platform App Development
Vero Hits No. 1 on Apple's App Store, but Can Subscription Social Network Sustain the Hype?
Google's Flutter App SDK for iOS and Android is Now in Beta
App Hailed as 'New Instagram' Making Name for Itself
Pixel Visual Core App Updated in the Google Play Store
What is Vero? Everything to Know About the Social Media App Dubbed the “new Instagram”
What is Vero? The Anti-Facebook App Sees an Adoption Bloom
Samsung, UCSF Launch App to Monitor your Stress Levels
Samsung Rescues Data-saving App Opera Max, Launches New Version
Samsung Revives Opera's Data-saving App as a Galaxy Exclusive
Snapchat Responds to Petition Complaining About the Redesigned App
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