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Apple's Challenge: We're Stuck in an App Rut
App Store Listing for New 'Files' Application Appears Prior to WWDC & iOS 11 Unveil
LinkedIn's New App will Match You up with a Mentor
Google App 7.13 Reveals 'Google Earphones,' Commute Settings for Assistant, More [APK Teardown]
Viral Selfie App Under Fire for Sneaky Data Collection
Facebook is Pushing its Data-tracking Onavo VPN Within its Main Mobile App
Android Feature Request: Let Us “User-Initiate” App Updates on Google Play, Just like System Updates
Facebook Might Have Found a Way to Sneak an App into China: Meet Colorful Balloons
Global App Revenue Grows 40%
Facebook Kills its Standalone Groups App
Samsung's Bixby Voice App Finally Hits Galaxy S8 Devices
Do We Really Need yet Another Messaging App? Amazon Seems to Think So...
With AppsVillage, There's no Need to Wait for Apple & Google App Store Approval
Mobile-app Errors Expose Data on 180 Million Phones: Security Firm
Google Photos App Now Allows Users to Save Motion Photos as GIFs and Videos
Google Cracks Down on Ztorg Trojans Plaguing the Play App Store
Popular Breaking News App News Republic Gets 'Made for Samsung' Version with Exclusive Features
Google Lens Visual Search Lands on Google Photos for all Android Devices, Update for iOS App Expected Soon
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