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Sarahah: An App for Honest Feedback, and Now a Breeding Ground for Nameless Haters
Facebook Discretely Fields China Photo-sharing App
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Facebook Covertly Launches Mobile App in China
Facebook May Have Snuck an App into China's App Store
Vanishing App: Snapchat Struggles as Facebook Bites Back
Latest Viral Sensation App Sarahah Raises Concerns About Cyberbullying
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Uber's New In-App Messaging Makes Finding your Driver Easier
Uber Adds In-App Chat Feature
Sarahah: Why Everyone is Talking About the 'Honesty First' Secret Messaging App
Why Facebook Had to Kill its Groups App
Facebook Kills its Standalone Groups App
Facebook Discontinues Groups App, but Says it Still Loves Groups
Lifestage, the Facebook App You Didn't Know Existed, has Met its End
Nintendo Hands Out 'Zelda' Items Via Switch News App
Instagram App Update will Let Users Invite Guests to Join Live Boradcasts
YouTube Roll Out In-app Video Sharing and Messaging to Users Worldwide
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