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Googler Proves any iPhone App with Camera Permission Can Secretly Record You
Amazon Revamps the Kindle App with a New Design and Deeper Goodreads Integration
Amazon Overhauls Kindle App with New Look and Deep Goodreads Social Integration
Kindle's New App Still won't Let You Buy Books on an iPhone
Nintendo will Reveal its Killer Mobile App Tomorrow in New Nintendo Direct
Amazon's Kindle App Gets More Social
App Developer Who's been Using Animoji Name since 2014 Sues Apple for Trademark Infringement
Google App 7.14 Reveals Redesigned 'Explore' for Assistant Apps, 'Hey Google' Hotword, More [APK Teardown]
Facebook, Apple Butting Heads Over Media Subscription Tool on Facebook's App
Google Matches Apple by Reducing Play Store Fee for Android App Subscriptions
Apple Watch App Notification Saves US Man's Life
10 Things You Should Know About Tbh, the App for Teens that Facebook Just Acquired
Facebook Buys TBH, an App for Teens to Give Anonymous Compliments
Facebook Acquires Anonymous Teen Compliment App Tbh, will Let it Run
Facebook has Bought Tbh, the Anonymous App Loved by Teens
Google Play Store App Update V8.3.42 Now Available
Outlook for Desktop will Be Redesigned with Ideas from its iOS App Soon
Google Uploads ESIM Manager App for the Pixel 2 to the Play Store
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