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Russia Asks Apple and Google to Remove Telegram from their App Stores
Alexa Comes to iPhone Via Amazon App in Latest Update, no Echo Required
Download and Install Bluestacks 3 App Player for PC and MAC
Amazon Revamps the Kindle App with a New Design and Deeper Goodreads Integration
Facebook's Bonfire Group Video Chat App Now Available for Android
Hinge's New App Lets your Friends Play Matchmaker
Nintendo's Switch Online App is a Complete Joke
Google's Search App on iOS Gets a Twitter-like Trends Feature, Faster Instant Answers
Instagram App Update will Let Users Invite Guests to Join Live Boradcasts
MoviePass Disables User-Location Tracking from App After Stirring Privacy Concerns
Google's Flutter App Development Framework is Now in Beta
Leaked App Store Entry Suggests Apple will Launch a File-management App for iOS
Googler Proves any iPhone App with Camera Permission Can Secretly Record You
Android Messages will Be New Default Texting App Google Wants You to Use
App Turns Surface Studio into the Perfect DJ Station
Even with Double the Subscribers, Spotify Says Apple will Always Have an Edge Owning the App Store
Facebook Secretly Releases Photo-Sharing App in China
L'Oreal Buys an Augmented Reality Beauty App Maker
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