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Uber Just Made it Way Easier to See your Rating in the App
MoviePass CEO Proudly Says the App Tracks your Location Before and After Movies
Twitter's Lite App Reaches 24 More Countries
Apple TV App Adds Extra Features, Live Sports, Improved Siri Support and Goes Global
Google's Motion Stills GIF-making App Arrives on Android
Google Voice App to Get VoIP Integration Across Platforms Soon
Snapchat is Redesigning its App Because it Knows it's Too Hard to Use
Facebook Admits to Scanning Photos, Links Sent Via Messenger App
Google's Testing an Android App that Adds Smart Reply to Slack, Facebook Messenger, and More
Tinder Online: Tinder's New Desktop App to Help You Find Love
Snapchat is Now Selling Merchandise in its App
MIT Built a Wearable App to Detect Emotion in Conversation
Google Waves Good-bye to Hands Free Payment App
Google Built an App that Takes Perfect Nighttime Photos
Amazon Updates Fire TV's YouTube App to Redirect Users to a Web Browser Instead
Spotify Starts Testing a Separate Music Station App
Apple is Removing VPN Services from China App Store: Providers
WhatsApp Adds Two-Factor Authentication Security to Popular Messaging App
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