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Facebook to Launch Subscription Tool in iOS App After Resolving Dispute with Apple
Facebook is Suggesting Mobile Users 'Protect' Downloading a Facebook-owned App that Tracks their ...
VLC 3.0 Finally Brings Chromecast Support to the Mainstream Android App
App Stores Turn 10 Years Old, but Some Problems Still Persist
Snapchat Users are not Loving the App Update
Apple TV App Gets Live News Broadcasts from CNN, Fox News, and CNBC
Google's New Messaging App Might Finally Be Able to Compete with iMessage
Android Messages App Sheds Light on Google's Plan to Take on iMessage
Apple Adds Live News to its TV App
Apple's TV App for iOS: Now You Can Watch New 'Live News' Channels
Apple Adds Live News Channels to TV App for iOS and Apple TV
Android Feature Request: Let Us “User-Initiate” App Updates on Google Play, Just like System Updates
Google’s Pixel Visual Core Doesn’t Actually Work in the Pixel’s own Camera App
Google Brings AR Stickers to Android Phones Through its Motion Stills App
Google Video App Brings AR Stickers to the Android Masses
Windows 10 on ARM: S Versus Pro, Emulation and 64-bit App Support
Latest Google App Update Fixes Android Wear Lag Caused by 'Ok Google' Detection
Chrome OS 64 Rolling Out W/ New Screenshot Shortcut, Android App Updates, Security Patches
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