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MoviePass Updates iOS App to Remove 'Unused' Location-tracking Features
Why is Snapchat not Working? Picture and Video App Goes Down
Remap Galaxy S8's Bixby Button to Launch Google Now with this App
You Can Now Use PayPal Through Skype's Mobile App
Apple Music App Gains 'Music Videos' as an Early Update Before iOS 11.3's Full Release
Google's Newest App Helps You Ration your Mobile Data
Amazon is Shutting Down Underground App Store, 'Actually Free' Promotions
Uber Users on iPhones Can Now Block the App from Always Tracking their Location, Thanks to Apple's New iOS Update
Amazon's In-home Delivery Service App Now has Fingerprint Authentication
YouTube's Super-light App is Now Available on Android
Google Trips App Now Organizes Train, Bus Reservations
Snowden's New App Turns your Phone into a Home Security System
Tim Cook Threatened to Remove Uber from the App Store Over iPhone Tagging Tactics
Not Everyone Can Snap a Selfie with Google's Viral Arts & Culture App
Apple is Removing VPN Services from China App Store: Providers
Google Contacts App is Now Available on all Non-Pixel/Nexus Android Devices
Google Can Add New Features to Android Wear Through its App Store
Google is Adding Features to the Screenshot Tool, but Only in the Google App for Now
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