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Snapchat's New Snap Store Teases In-app Commerce Potential
Telegram Removed from Apple's App Store Due to 'Inappropriate Content'
A Traveling Frog Exposes Concerns Within Apple's Chinese App Store
Telegram Back on App Store After Removal for 'Inappropriate Content'
Snapchat is Now Selling Merchandise in its App
Google's Data-friendly App YouTube Go Expands to Over 130 Countries, Now Supports Higher Quality Videos
Telegram & Telegram X Messaging Apps Both Disappear from App Store Without Explanation
YouTube TV's App Arrives on Roku
Google Launches Lightweight Assistant App for Slower Phones
Apple Removes Telegram from App Store Due to Inappropriate Content (updated)
Oops! Don't Say 'Google' in your Alexa Voice App, Amazon Says
Slack Nixes its Standalone Apple Watch App
Spotify Testing Free Pandora-Style 'Stations' App on Android Devices
Spotify Testing 'Stations' App for Quick Access to New Jams
Spotify is Testing a New App that's Just for Listening to Playlists
Spotify Starts Testing a Separate Music Station App
Spotify is Testing a Pandora-esque Standalone Android App
Facebook Messenger Kids App is 'Irresponsible,' Groups Say
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