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Google Translate iPhone App Now Speaks American, English, Australian and More
Want to Know What your Child is up to at Preschool? There's an App for that
Freetrade Launches ‘zero-fee’ Investment App
Telegram 5 Gains In-App Notifications and Swift Code Rebuild for Faster Speeds
What’s the Best Email App for MacOS?
Tories’ Anger Directed at Chairman Over Conference App Data Breach
Uber Launches New App and Digital Wallet in Brazil
Gmail's Third-party App Policy: Security Experts Explain the Risks
YouTube App Now Displays HDR Videos on iPhone XS and XS Max
NOA: The App that Wants to Read the News to You
Disabled Train Users to Get New 'Life-changing' App
The Best Email App for iOS and Android
Supreme Court Ruling on Apple App Store Fee Case not Expected Until Mid-2019
Berkanan is a Bluetooth-powered Group Messaging App
iOS App Store Bug Makes Apps Including Facebook Look a Lot Larger than They Actually are
Japan Gives Ripple and SBI the Green Light to Launch New Payment App
App-only Banks are Growing at a Surprising Rate in Europe, Threatening Big Banks
AppsFlyer: Facebook Remains Top Media Source for Mobile App Marketers
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