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That Cuphead App for iOS is '100% Fake,' Developers Say
People Still Using BlackBerry Messenger Can Now Hail an Uber Right in the App
Pandora has Overhauled its App on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 Platform
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iOS App Store Vs. Google Play Store – Which Store is Better for Developers?
BlackBerry World App Store is Shutting Down
Apple TV Amazon Video App is a Record Breaker
YouTube Launched a VR App on Steam, but it's Broken
Google's Lightweight Maps Go App is Built for Low-end Android Devices
Android App 'WeMessage' Lets You Get iMessages on your Android Smartphone with a Mac
Essential Phone May Have Sold 50000 Units According to Camera App Download Numbers
Apple Buys Song-Recognition App Shazam
New App Actually Lets You Use iMessage on Android Phones
Apple Turns on App Preorders in App Store
Apple Apps: Now You Can Pre-order iOS, TvOS and MacOS Apps from the App Store
Apple Introduces App Pre-Orders for iOS, MacOS, TvOS
Apple Buys Music-recognition App Shazam
Apple Now Lets You Preorder Apps in the App Store
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