Facebook stories

Russia Tries to Force Facebook and Twitter to Relocate Servers to Russia
Facebook to Add 1,000 New Jobs in Ireland by Year-end
Facebook Says it will Work with Germany to Counter E.U. Election Meddling
Facebook is Secretly Building LOL, a Cringey Teen Meme Hub
Zimbabwe Blocks Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter Amid Crackdown
Russia Opens Civil Proceedings Against Facebook, Twitter: Ifax
Bullied Syrian Schoolboy to Sue Facebook Over Tommy Robinson Claims
Sandberg Admits to Facebook Stumbles, Says 'We Need to do Better' After Rough Year
Is Facebook's '10-Year Challenge' Meme a Creepy Facial Recognition Gambit?
App Annie: WhatsApp is Now Facebook’s Most Popular App
Cyber Saturday-Challenging Facebook’s ‘#10YearChallenge,’ Tim Cook’s Privacy Plea, Mega Password Leak
Facebook Introduces Political Petitions to your News Feed
Facebook Backs an Independent AI Ethics Research Center
Facebook Investor Targets Social Network in Upcoming Book ‘Zucked’
Facebook Could Face 'Record-setting' Fine from FTC
Facebook Launches Spectrum to Make Uploading Large Images Easier
Facebook is Making Another Attempt to Win Back Teens
U.S. Close to Ending its Facebook Probe
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