Facebook stories

Antisocial Media: Why I Decided to Cut Back on Facebook and Instagram
Investigation Finds Facebook Enforces Hate Speech Unevenly, Facebook then Apologizes
Google and Facebook Broke a Promise to Advertisers
Facebook Apologizes for Uneven Content Moderation that Allows Hate Speech to Fester
Facebook Confirms Aadhaar Prompt Test for New Users, Says it Isn't Mandatory
Facebook Asks New Users to Enter Names 'As Per Aadhaar' While Signing up
Digmine Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Being Spread Via Facebook Messenger: Trend Micro
A Cryptocurrency Mining Malware is Spreading Through Facebook Messenger
Digmine: New Cryptocurrency-mining Bot Spreading Fast Via Facebook Messenger
What is Digmine? New Malware is Infecting Facebook Messenger Users to Secretly Mine Monero
Digimine Monero Mining Bot Spreads Through Facebook Messenger
You Can Now Check to See if You Follow Russian Propaganda on Facebook and Instagram
Did You “like” a Russian-sponsored Facebook Post? Find Out Here
Facebook's New Tool Reveals any Fake Russian Accounts You Followed
Check Now to See if You Liked any Russian Troll Accounts on Facebook
Facebook is Dropping its Fake News Red Flag Warning After Finding it Had the Opposite Effect
Facebook Ditches 'Disputed' News Tag After it Totally Backfired
Facebook Modifies the Way it Alerts Users to Fake News
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