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12-year-old Georgia Girl Live-streamed her Suicide; Facebook Took 2 Weeks to Take Video Down
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Facebook to Roll Out Fake News Tools in Germany
A Suicide Streamed Live Exposes Facebook's Thin Line Between Violence and Public Service
Do You Remember the World Before Facebook?
Facebook and Oculus are Working on Gloves for Finger Tracking in Virtual Reality
Tim Cook Wants 'Well-crafted' Privacy Regulations After Latest Facebook Scandal
Russian Facebook Trolls Got People to Protest Against Each Other in Texas
7 Reasons Why Facebook will Autoplay Sound Despite Complaints
I Tried Leaving Facebook. I Couldn’t
Is Facebook Really Changing? Or Just Trimming its Data Haul?
Facebook Swipes at LinkedIn by Letting Brands Post Job Openings on Pages
Snap's Elusive Task: Evading Facebook's Looming Shadow
Facebook's 'On this Day' Feature Continues to Deny Selected Users Service
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