Facebook stories

Facebook is the Latest Tech Giant to Hunt for AI Talent in Canada
Facebook is Temporarily Removing the Ad Targeting Option that Let Marketers Reach 'Jew Haters'
Facebook Disables Feature that Let Marketers Target 'Jew Haters'
Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Target Anti-Semites
Facebook Tests Snooze Function that Lets You Temporarily Mute your Friends
Facebook is Testing a Temporary Unfollow Option for your News Feed
Facebook's New Lab Bolsters Montreal's Bragging Rights as an AI Hub
Facebook is Testing a New Snooze Feature for Temporarily Muting Friends
Facebook Messenger Day Hits 70M Daily Users as the App Reaches 1.3B Monthlies
Facebook is Testing a Snooze Feature that Temporarily Mutes your Friends
Facebook “Snooze” Button Temporarily Hides People in your Feed
Facebook is Making its Biggest Play to Improve Brand Safety, but is it Enough to Gain Marketers' Trust?
Facebook Tests Bonfire Group Video Chat as App and in Messenger
Facebook Testing Instant Video Feature for Android
Skip Mobile Data: Facebook Testing Pre-loaded Instant Videos
Facebook is Testing Pre-Loaded 'Instant Videos' for Android Users
Facebook Tests Pre-loaded “Instant Videos”
Facebook Fined €1.2M for Privacy Violations in Spain
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