Facebook stories

Facebook Admits Using Two-factor Phone Numbers to Target Ads
Almost 50M Facebook Accounts at Risk for Theft After Latest Security Breach
Hacker Who Vowed to Delete Zuckerberg's Facebook Account Over Livestream Wisely Reconsiders
Facebook Policy Head Makes a Surprising Cameo at the Kavanaugh Hearing
Facebook Test Lets Users Add Songs to Photos and Videos
The Facebook Effect Hits Oculus: In VR, Other People are Everything
Facebook Takes on YouTube with More Video Advertising Options
Facebook’s 2-Factor Authentication with a Phone Number Isn’t Only for Security, It’s Used for Ads
Facebook's Virtual Reality Meets Hard Reality
Facebook's Charts Have Entered the Dreaded Death Cross
Facebook Poisons the Acquisition Well
Ex-Facebook Moderator Sues Facebook Over Exposure to Disturbing Images
iOS App Store Bug Makes Apps Including Facebook Look a Lot Larger than They Actually are
Facebook is Racing to Build Africa’s Internet Infrastructure
Facebook Expands Mid-video Ads to 21 More Countries
AppsFlyer: Facebook Remains Top Media Source for Mobile App Marketers
Former Facebook Moderator Sues Over Mental Trauma
Infographic: Did Facebook Really Connect the World?
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