Facebook stories

TV Body Barb Outlines Hurdles Facebook & Google Need to Overcome to Win Accreditation
Facebook Reboots Ads and Pages for Enhanced Transparency
Facebook to Check Groups Behind 'Issue Ads'
Facebook will Now Require Pages with Large Followers as Well as Political Ads to Be Authorized
Facebook's Data Changes Seem to Be Impacting Tinder
Facebook Secretly Deleted Messages Mark Zuckerberg Sent on Messenger
Facebook Suspends Canadian Firm Amid Data Mining Scandal
Facebook Messenger Monitors Users' Messages, but for Good Reason
Facebook's New Terms and Data Policies: 4 Things to Check
Facebook is Adding an Unsend Message Tool After Controversy
Facebook Brings Political Ads Under More Scrutiny
Facebook: People Behind Political Ads to Be Verified, Zuckerberg Messages Secretly Deleted
Facebook will Now Require Political Ads and Pages with Many Followers to Be Authorized
Facebook Messenger's 'Unsend' Feature is What Happens When You Scramble
Facebook Says it'll Now Require Political-leaning Advertisers to Verify their Identity
Spying on Chats? Facebook Confirms it Scans your Messenger
Consumer Groups to Approach FTC Over Facebook's Facial Recognition
On Facebook, Zuckerberg Gets Privacy and You Get Nothing
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