Facebook stories

Facebook Enlists AI to Tweak Web Server Performance
Facebook Can Block Hate Speech, even if it's not Illegal, Court Rules
Macy's Teams with Facebook to Bring New Brands to Pop-up Shops for the Holidays
Facebook is Finally Making Progress Against Fake News
Facebook Expands Security Measures for Political Campaign Staff
Mobile Social Network Path, Once a Challenger to Facebook, is Closing Down
Facebook's AI Can Analyze Memes, but Can it Understand Them?
Facebook is Hiring a Human Rights Policy Director
Zuckerberg Says Facebook is Now 'Better Prepared' to Fight Election Interference
Facebook Beats Twitter at Fighting Fake News, a New Study Found
Researchers Say Facebook’s Anti-fake News Efforts Might Be Working
Are Google and Facebook Too Powerful? Washington: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Facebook is Building an AI Tool to Help Devs Fix Buggy Code
Mark Zuckerberg Subtly Made a Case for not Breaking up Facebook
Facebook Ramps up Effort to Combat Fake Images, Video
Facebook Rolls Out Photo/video Fact Checking so Partners Can Train its AI
Tech Investors Prepare to Say Goodbye to Facebook, Google
Facebook's 'Rosetta' AI Can Extract Text from a Billion Images Daily
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