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Facebook Uses Public Instagram Images to Train Image Recognition AI
Facebook has a Backdoor to your Account, and You'll Never Know if it's Being Used
A New Facebook Messenger Malware is Going After your Password and your Money
Facebook Used 3.5 Billion Public Instagram Photos to Train AI
Facebook Security Analyst is Fired for Using Private Data to Stalk Women
Facebook is Using your Instagram Photos to Train its Image Recognition AI
Cambridge Analytica Closing Operations Following Facebook Data Controversy
Cambridge Analytica Filing for Bankruptcy After Facebook Scandal, but May Re-emerge
Facebook's Master Plan to Fix Itself is Giving Some Developers Whiplash: 'The Trouble is the Utter Unpredictability'
Here's Everything Facebook Announced at its 2018 Developers Conference
Facebook to Launch Smart Speaker in International Markets First: Here's Why
Cambridge Analytica Shutting Down After Facebook Data Scandal
Facebook Might Very Quietly Launch its Smart Speaker Overseas to Avoid More Attention
Facebook Announces PyTorch 1.0, a More Unified AI Framework
When it Comes to AI, Facebook Says it Wants Systems that Don't Reflect Our Biases
Facebook Animates Photo-realistic Avatars to Mimic VR Users' Faces
Facebook's New Data Sharing Policies, Translated so a 13-year-old Can Understand
Cambridge Analytica and British Parent Shut Down After Facebook Scandal
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