Facebook stories

Facebook Messenger Tests Dark Mode to Put Less Strain on Users' Eyes
Google, Facebook, and the Legal Mess Over Face Scanning
Facebook Begins New Year in Fixer-Upper Mode
Privacy International Hits Out at Unconsented Facebook Tracking Within Apps
Facebook “owns” my Family: A Cautionary Fable
Popular Android Apps Sending User Data to Facebook Without User Consent, Likely Illegally
More Popular Apps are Sending Data to Facebook Without Asking
Marijuana and CBD Companies Can't Advertise on Facebook and Google, so They're Getting Creative
Facebook Redesigns Life Events Feature with Animated Photos, Videos and More
Facebook's Headquarters Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat
After Facebook Apologizes for Ban, Franklin Graham Says Tech Giant Should Have Standard Based on 'God's Word'
Will Facebook’s Stablecoin Project Help Crypto or Hurt It?
Google and Facebook Put Ads in Child Porn Discovery Apps
Facebook Defends its Moderation Policies, Again
Facebook Let Netflix and Spotify Access Private Messages from Users, Startling Documents Reveal
Facebook’s Lonely Conservative Takes on a Power Position
Google & Facebook Fed Ad Dollars to Child Porn Discovery Apps
Facebook's Leaked Moderation 'Rulebook' is as Confused as You'd Think
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