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Facebook Messenger's New Features for Couples Arrive in Time for Valentine's Day
Privacy Advocates are in a Spin Over Facebook's Onavo Protect VPN Tracking your Data
Facebook Losing Young Users even Faster to Snapchat, EMarketer Says
Facebook to Launch Subscription Tool in iOS App After Resolving Dispute with Apple
Facebook Works it Out with Apple to Test News Paywalls on iOS
Facebook is Suggesting Mobile Users 'Protect' Themselves...by Downloading a Facebook-owned App that Tracks their ...
Facebook is Creating a News Section in Watch to Feature Breaking News
Facebook Says it has Solved its Dispute with Apple and will Roll Out a Subscription Tool for iOS
Don't Use Facebook's Onavo VPN: It's Designed to Spy on You
This is One War Snapchat is Winning Over Facebook
Grandparents Love Facebook, Teens not so Much
Facebook's 'Downvote' is the Closest We'll Ever Get to a Dislike Button
Snapchat's Facebook-inspired Redesign Rolls Out: Here's What's New
Facebook Losing Friends to Snapchat in the UK
Facebook is Testing a 'Downvote' Feature, but it's not What You Think
Facebook is Testing a Downvote Button, but Only for Comment Moderation
Facebook is Testing a Downvote System for Flagging Comments
Facebook Tests 'Downvote' Option for Flagging Abusive Comments
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