Facebook stories

Facebook, Instagram Experience Outages Saturday
Facebook Rolls Out New Family Emoji, but There's Something Missing
Facebook's Andrew Bosworth is Taking Over the Company's Consumer Hardware Efforts
Facebook Now Lets You Grab 360-degree Photos
Facebook is Unifying its Hardware Efforts Under a Veteran Exec and Readying an 'Aloha' Video Chat Device
Teens Favoring Snapchat and Instagram Over Facebook, Says EMarketer
Facebook's Colorful Status Updates are Now Available on WhatsApp
Facebook Really is Losing Teen Users to Instagram and Snapchat
WhatsApp Borrows Facebook's Colorful Status Updates
Facebook Patents AR Glasses: 4 Ways the Device May Change Communication
Facebook Takes Aim at Video Clickbait
Facebook Downranks Video Clickbait and Fake Play Buttons
Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook will Fight Online Extremism
Zuckerberg Vows to Remove Violent Threats from Facebook
Facebook Shut Down a Conservative 'FB Anon' Group Employees Used for Harassment
After Charlottesville, Mark Zuckerberg Pledges to Remove Violent Threats from Facebook
Facebook Gives News Feed a New Look on Mobile
Facebook News Feed is Now More Legible and Easy to Navigate
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