Facebook stories

Facebook Extends Bereavement, Family Sick Leaves for Employees
Facebook Apologises After Myanmar Groups Blast Zuckerberg
Facebook is Trying to Protect Bikini Photos, but it's not Easy
Facebook's New Town Hall Feature Makes it Easier to Find your Elected Rep
EU Privacy Proposal Could Dent Facebook, Gmail Ad Revenue
Facebook Blames Bug for Saving Users' Deleted Videos
Cambridge Analytica and Facebook: What Happened and has it Moved any Votes?
Facebook Wants to Help Restore your Trust in the News
Snap Seems to Finally Be Following Facebook and Google's Revenue Playbook
Facebook “3D Posts” Let You Play with VR Objects in News Feed
Facebook Brings More AR Features to Messenger
Facebook Launches Help Center Tool to Check if your Data was Shared with Cambridge Analytica
Facebook Tests Bonfire Group Video Chat as App and in Messenger
Facebook May Be Ready to Invade your Physical World with an Outrageously Priced Video Device
Facebook VP's Memo Suggests Relentless Growth is Good, even if it Gives a Platform to Terrorists or Bullies
Oculus VR Co-Founder Palmer Luckey's Last Day at Facebook is Today
Companies Pull Ads from Facebook After Cambridge Analytica Controversy
Apple Launches ARKit to Take on Google, Facebook
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