Facebook stories

What Facebook's New Mission Can and Can't Fix
Facebook Changes Mission Statement to “bring the World Closer Together”
Facebook Equips Admins to Protect and Analyze their Groups
Facebook is Introducing New Tools to Protect Women in India
Facebook's Counterterrorism Playbook Comes into Focus
Oops! Facebook Outed its Antiterror Cops Whilst They Banned Admins
Facebook’s AI for Targeting Terrorists will Go Beyond Muslim Extremists
Facebook Outlines its Strategy for Taking Down Extremist Content
Facebook Deploys AI to Fight Terrorism on its Network
Facebook Says it Wants ‘to Be a Hostile Place for Terrorists’
Facebook Reveals Measures to Remove Terrorist Content
Facebook Says Using AI to Fight Terrorism on its Platform
Why GIFs are About to Turn Facebook into a Big Flashing Mess
Facebook Introduces Native GIF Support in Comments on iOS
Grab an Umbrella! Animated GIFs are Raining Down on Facebook
Facebook Teaches Machines to Negotiate with Humans
Facebook is Building Chat Bots that Can Negotiate and Plan Ahead like Actual Humans
Facebook’s Safety Check will Integrate Fundraisers, Among Other Upgrades
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