Facebook stories

Facebook Acquires ID Verification Startup Confirm.io
Facebook's Fake News Fix
Never Miss a New York Daily News Post in your Facebook Feed
This is Facebook's News Survey
Why Facebook's Survey About Trust won't Make or Break the Media
Facebook Seeks to Redefine Time with 'Flicks'
Tuesday's Vital Data: Netflix, Inc. (NFLX), Facebook Inc (FB) and AT&T Inc. (T)
Facebook Invented the Flick, a Brilliant Time Unit You won't Get to Actually Use
Facebook 'Flicks' Last Slightly Longer than a Nanosecond
The More Facebook Examines Itself, the More Fault it Finds
Rupert Murdoch Wants Facebook to Pay a Fee for 'Trusted' News Content
Rupert Murdoch Wants Facebook to Pay Publishers for their News Content
Rupert Murdoch: Facebook and Google Should Pay Publishers
Facebook Should Pay 'Trusted' News Outlets, Rupert Murdoch Says
Rupert Murdoch: Facebook Should Pay Media Companies for News on Social Network
Rupert Murdoch Wants Facebook to Pay 'Trusted' Publishers for Content
What Facebook's Feed Changes Mean for the News
Facebook to Prioritise 'Trustworthy' News Based on Surveys
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