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Facebook Latest: Video Issue Emerges; Firm Blocks Data Brokers; Tech Workers Say They will Delete Accounts
Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook will Fight Online Extremism
This Russian Election-meddling Mess has Given Facebook a Very Good Reason to Be Afraid
Facebook's New Surround 360 Video Cameras Let You Move Around Inside Live-action Scenes
Facebook will Flag and Filter Fake News in Germany
Facebook Wants to Be a 'Hostile Environment' to Terrorists
It's not Just Facebook, all Apps are Scooping up your Data
ProBeat: My Facebook News Feed has been Hijacked by Zuckerberg BFF Spam
Smarter Image Search on Facebook
Facebook Isn’t Tapping your Microphone
Facebook's Translations are Now Powered Completely by AI
If Facebook Actually Wants to Be Transparent, it Should Talk to Journalists
Facebook is Testing a Downvote System for Flagging Comments
Facebook Seeks to Redefine Time with 'Flicks'
Facebook's News Feed Tweak Hurts Video Views
Facebook VP David Marcus on Russia Election Meddling: 'Sometimes Bad Things Happen'
Facebook Publishes its Internal Community Standards Guidelines and Introduces Appeals Process
Marketers are Freaking Out About Facebook
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