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Facebook to Emphasize 'Trustworthy' News Via User Surveys
Is this the End for Publishers on Facebook?
Facebook Moves to Decide What is Real News
Facebook to Emphasize 'Trustworthy' News Via User Surveys
Facebook Wants Users to Judge Which News Sources are Most Trustworthy
Facebook to Prioritize 'Trustworthy' Publishers in News Feed
Facebook will Ask Us to Decide What's 'High Quality' News
Facebook's Latest News Feed Update will Prioritize Trustworthy Publishers
Facebook is Asking Users to Pick Which News Outlets are 'Trustworthy'
Facebook to Let Users Rank What News Sources are Trustworthy
Facebook to Prioritise 'Trustworthy' News Based on Surveys
Facebook is Going to Start Surveying Users to Determine Trustworthy News Sources
Facebook's News Feed Tweak Hurts Video Views
Facebook and YouTube are Removing 'Tide Pod Challenge' Videos
Facebook's Messenger to Get a Facelift in 2018
Facebook's Planned Changes Make Sense When Netflix and YouTube are a Click Away
Facebook Wants More People Watching Videos Together at the Same Time
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Pressed Over Terror Content
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