Facebook stories

Facebook's Average US User Spent 38 Minutes Per Day on the Platform, a Drop from 2017, but Instagram Usage Increased
Facebook Takes Down More Fake Accounts from Iran
I Quit Facebook
GDPR Fines Total €56M in First Year as Facebook Faces 11 Investigations
Facebook is so Insanely Big, it Had to Design a Brand New DHCP Server
Facebook's Engagement is Sinking with no End in Sight
To Realize its VR Dreams, Facebook Needs to Kill What Oculus has Built
Facebook has Taken Down Over 2 Billion Fake Accounts in 2019
Facebook Begins Telling Users Who Try to Share Distorted Nancy Pelosi Video that It’s Fake
Facebook Could Fix the News Industry with Micropayments-Unless Kik Does it First
Ex-Facebook Privacy Chief: Breaking up the Social Network won't Lead to Better Data Protection
Mark Zuckerberg Claims Facebook Security Efforts will Suffer if Company is Broken up
Facebook to Launch its own Cryptocurrency in 2020
Facebook Plans to Launch 'GlobalCoin' Cryptocurrency in 2020
Facebook Says the Doctored Nancy Pelosi Video Used to Question her Mental State will Stay up
Is Facebook Undermining Democracy in Africa?
Facebook Deletes 3 Billion Accounts After Sharp Increase in Abuse
Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Spends More on Safety than Twitter's Whole Revenue for the Year
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