Facebook stories

Facebook's Facial Recognition Now Looks for You in Photos You're not Tagged in
Facebook will Ditch Disputed Flags on Fake News and Display Links to Trustworthy Articles Instead
Facebook Continues to Clean up News Feed
Facebook's Social VR Spaces is Now Compatible with HTC Vive
Facebook is Making it Harder for People You've Blocked to Harass You
Government Requests for Facebook User Data Continue to Increase Worldwide
Facebook is Introducing New Tools to Help Curb Harassment
Governments are Asking Facebook for a Lot More User Account Data
France Gives WhatsApp a Month to Stop Sharing Data with Facebook
Facebook Admits Spending Too Much Time on Facebook Might Be Bad for You
WhatsApp Gets One Month to Stop Data Sharing with Facebook
WhatsApp Ordered to Stop Sharing User Data with Facebook
France to Facebook: You Have 30 Days to Stop Harvesting WhatsApp User Data
Facebook is Clamping Down on Posts that Shamelessly Beg for your Engagement
Facebook's Facial Recognition Now Finds Photos You're Untagged in
Facebook Wants your Face and You'll Probably Let Them Have it
Facebook Admits Using the Social Media Site May Be Bad for You
Facebook's Latest Feature is a Snooze Button for Annoying Friends
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