Facebook stories

Facebook Tests 'Downvote' Option for Flagging Abusive Comments
Why Quitting Facebook is not Easy
Mark Zuckerberg Defends Facebook's Oculus Investment and Asks Investors for 'Patience'
Facebook's Rumored Smart Speaker Would Be DOA
Facebook Tightens Issue Ads, Political Ads to Prevent Election Interference
Facebook Releases New Guidelines to Address Publisher Concerns in its Fight Against Fake News
Facebook Rolls Out New Privacy & Data Controls as User Unrest Continues
Here are all the New Products Facebook Announced at F8
What a Coincidence! Facebook Launches 'Data Abuse Bounty' Program a Day Before Zuck Testifies Before Congress.
Facebook is Testing Ad Placement on the Messenger Home Screen
FACEBOOK Threatened with SHUTDOWN if Users' Privacy is Breached
Facebook's Bold and Bizarre VR Hangout App is Now Available for the Oculus Rift
Facebook Secretly Deleted Messages Mark Zuckerberg Sent on Messenger
Facebook Rolls Out Explore Feed, a New Way to Discover Posts and Content
Facebook Plans to Invest More than $3 Billion in VR Over the Next Decade
Facebook is Making Big Changes to its Relationship with Data Brokers
Oculus Rift Founder Palmer Luckey Parts with Facebook After Rocky Tenure
Facebook and Google Step up Efforts to Combat Fake News
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