Facebook stories

Zuckerberg Says Facebook Doesn’t Decide Truth. He’s Right.
Facebook will Begin Actively Enforcing its Age Policy
Facebook to Start Taking Down Posts that Could Lead to Violence
I Designed Facebook, ‘so if Someone’s Going to Be Fired for This, it Should Be Me’
Facebook Data Gathered by Cambridge Analytica Accessed from Russia, Says MP
Facebook Can’t Decide When a Page Should Be Banned
Undercover Facebook Moderator was Instructed not to Remove Fringe Groups or Hate Speech
Facebook Exec Apologizes for Censoring Diamond & Silk
House Rep Suggests Converting Facebook into a Public Utility
Dems and GOP Unite, Slamming Facebook for Allowing Violent Pages
Facebook Moderators 'Keep Child Abuse Online'
Why Facebook is Expanding its Robotics Research Efforts
Facebook: ‘Turning a Blind Eye to Bad Content is not in Our Commercial Interests’
Facebook Protects Far-right Activists even After Rule Breaches
Facebook will Tell You if Russian Trolls Slide into your DMs
Facebook, Google and Twitter will Testify Next Week at a House Judiciary Hearing on Content Moderation
Facebook Hires Top Google Engineer to Head its Chip Development
Facebook’s Approach to Fighting Fake News is Half-hearted
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