Facebook stories

Facebook, YouTube Most Widely Used Platforms for US Adults
Facebook Backs Away from the Hard Sell on Political Ads
European Elections: Huge Far-right Disinformation Network Targeting Voters Found on Facebook
Oculus Co-founder: 'I Got Fired' from Facebook for 'No Reason at all'
Facebook Still a Great Place to Amplify Pre-election Junk News, EU Study Finds
After WhatsApp Hack, NSO Faces Scrutiny from Facebook and UK Public Pension Fund
Facebook's Ex-security Chief Says Mark Zuckerberg Should Hire a New CEO
What Does ‘regulating Facebook’ Mean? Here’s an Example
Every Facebook Insider Who has Turned Against the Company
Scammers Use Facebook to Trick People into Thinking They Accidentally Donated Money to ISIS
Facebook Research is Developing Touchy-feely Curious Robots
Facebook is Mapping Demographics, Human Movement, and Network Coverage to Combat Diseases
Facebook’s Side Hustles are Diverting Attention from its Real Problems, Critics Say
Fake Facebook Accounts Impersonated Big Tech CEOs like Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai
Facebook Implements
Roger McNamee: Facebook Must Stop Making 'Superficial' Privacy Fixes and Change its Business Model
Facebook has Struggled to Hire Talent since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Recruiters Say
Facebook Forms Swiss Fintech Firm with Payments Focus
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