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Time to Break up Google and Facebook, Says New York Attorney General Candidate
Facebook Shares Tank on Slowing Growth, Wiping Out Billions in Value
Facebook is Sorry: Ten Times Mark Zuckerberg's Social Network Apologized
Instagram not an Instant Fix for Ailing Facebook
What Happened to Facebook Today Won’t Happen to Apple
Facebook Acquires Redikix to Enhance Communications on Workplace by Facebook
Facebook Finally Hands Over Leave Campaign Brexit Ads
Why Bargain Hunters are Steering Clear as Facebook Shares Crater
Facebook is on Pace for its Worst Day Ever
Today Could Become Known as 'Facebook Thursday' Akin to Infamous 'Marlboro Friday' Plunge in Philip Morris in Early 90s
Facebook Buys Israeli Messaging Company Redkix
Facebook’s Forecast for the Future Looks Suddenly Bleak
Hands On: Timing 2 Tracks your Billable Hours and Facebook Use on the Mac
Investors Should 'Stay Away' from Facebook for the Next Quarter, Loup Ventures' Gene Munster Says
Facebook Shares Crash 10 Percent on Revenue Miss
Despite Scandals, Facebook is Still Raking in Cash and Users
Facebook's Free Food Banned as Silicon Valley Restaurants Hit Back
Facebook's Top Security Exec Urges Company to Collect Less User Data
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