Facebook stories

Sandberg Says Facebook Allows Fake News Ads from Legit Accounts
Facebook Restricts Data Access as it Admits Abuse was Rampant
Thumbs Down: Facebook Tests Dislike Button on Messenger
Live-Streamed Shootings Continue to Haunt Facebook
Facebook to Test Dislike Button
The Most Outrageous Ads Russia Bought on Facebook
YouTube Takes on Facebook with Mobile Live
French to Fight Fake News with Backing from Google, Facebook
Facebook Rejects Notion it has Bias Against Female Engineers
You Really Should Check if your Facebook Data was Stolen by Cambridge Analytica
Facebook is Copying yet Another Popular Snapchat Feature
Can Facebook Fix VR's Most Frustrating Problems in One Fell Swoop?
Breaking up with Facebook? It May Be Harder than it Looks
Facebook Wants You to Make a List, Have your Friends Check it Twice
Snapchat's April Fools' Gag Pokes Fun at Facebook's Russian Bot Problem
Facebook Search was not Safe for Work or Home on Thursday Night.
Is Facebook Really Changing? Or Just Trimming its Data Haul?
Does Facebook Listen in Via your Microphone to Tailor your Ads?
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