Facebook stories

Centre Sends Second Notice to Facebook, Cambridge Analytica; Seeks Response by May 10
British Adults Using Facebook Less to Communicate with Friends
Facebook Continues to Limit Access to User Data for Third-party Apps
Facebook's Upcoming Developer Conference is a Chance to Explain What Comes After Cambridge Analytica
For the First Time, Facebook Spells Out What it Forbids
Why Did Facebook Remove your Post? This Doc Might Help
Google has More Information on You than Facebook, but Users and Investors Don't Seem to Mind
Facebook Reveals its Internal Rules for Removing Controversial Posts
Facebook Reveals its Secret Rules for Censoring Posts
Now You Can Read Facebook's Secret Rule Book for What You Can Post
Facebook Publishes its Internal Community Standards Guidelines and Introduces Appeals Process
Facebook Starts Verifying Political Advertisers in the US
What Information do Facebook Advertisers Know About Me?
Facebook Data Scandal: Researcher Said Company Response Just 'PR Spin'
Facebook Says You Aren't the Product, Social Media is
Apple has Only a Slightly More Positive Impact on Society than Facebook
Facebook's Privacy Changes Look Different for Europeans and Americans
Facebook Pixel & GDPR: Advertisers and Publishers Need to Ask Consent
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