Facebook stories

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Facebook App Can't Be Deleted from Some Phones, Making Users Unhappy
Facebook, Mozilla, and Others Take on India’s Proposed New Social Media Regulations
Facebook and YouTube Aren’t even Trying to Enforce the Alex Jones Ban
Data Sheet-Examining Facebook’s Strengths and Blind Spots
Facebook Rolls Out Fact-checking Operation to UK
Facebook-executive Swatting Sends Significant Police Response to his Home
Over 65s 'More Likely' to Share Fake News on Facebook
Daily Crunch: Well Facebook, You Did it Again
Jon Lovett Explains Why Democrats in Congress Probably Won’t Regulate Facebook
Inside 'Cult-like' Facebook, Where Employees Only Pretend to Be Happy all the Time
Some Samsung Users are Finding They Can’t Delete Facebook from their Phones
Delete Facebook, 5G Speeds and More: Tech Q&A
Facebook Messenger Tests Dark Mode to Put Less Strain on Users' Eyes
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