Facebook stories

Facebook and MIT Tap AI to Give Addresses to People Without Them
Facebook Quietly Hired Republican Strategy Firm Targeted Victory
Facebook Still Hasn’t Fixed this Loophole for Fake Accounts
Embarrassing PDF Fail Reveals Facebook Considered Selling Access to Data
Here’s Why an App for Finding Bikini Pics is Facebook’s Latest Headache
Sheryl Sandberg Asked Facebook Staff to 'Look into' Soros Investments
Facebook's UK Political Ad Rules Kick in
Facebook Must Police Today In, its Local News Digest Launching in 400 Cities
Facebook Staff Discussed Selling API Access to App Developers in 2012-2014
Scammers Target Facebook Users with Sponsored Ads for Fake Cryptocurrencies
Google and Facebook Face European Vexation
Fake News Inquiry: Facebook to Face MPs from Around the World
Facebook Opens up Watch Parties to All, in a Bid to Make Video Watching More Social
Facebook has a 'Black People Problem' Says Former Employee Who Quit this Month
Facebook Confirms Years-old Messages are Randomly Coming Back to Haunt Users
Memo from a ‘Facebook Nation’ to Mark Zuckerberg: You Moved Fast and Broke Our Country.
Parliament Seizes Facebook Documents in 'unprecedented Move'
LinkedIn Used 18 Million Non-user E-mails to Target Facebook Ads
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