Facebook stories

Facebook Says Login Data Can Be Hijacked
Facebook's Login-to-other-sites Service Lets Scum Slurp your Stuff
The EU is Forcing Facebook to Change, but Users Everywhere will Be Affected
Facebook's Facial Recognition Technology May not Meet Strict New EU Data Rules, a Top Watchdog Says
Facebook is Quietly Trying to Avoid European Data Protections
Facebook is Building a Team to Design its own Chips
Facebook is Forming a Team to Design its own Chips
Facebook Announces New European Privacy Controls, for the World
Facebook Adds Privacy Settings for Europe
Two Facebook and Google Geniuses are Combining Search and AI to Transform HR
Do You Remember the World Before Facebook?
Facebook is Probably Tracking You Whether You Use it or not
Facebook Hit with Class Action Suit Over Facial Recognition Tool
Facebook to Face Class Action Suit on Facial Recognition
Amid #DeleteFacebook Scandal, Dating App Bumble will Let Users Log in Without a Facebook Account
Facebook Admits it Does Track Non-users, for their own Good
Last Week in Tech: Kill Some Time Before Facebook AI Fixes Everything
Bumble won't Make You Log in with Facebook Anymore After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal
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