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Chinese Startup's 'Self-made' Web Browser Built on Google Chrome
Google is Using AI to Run its Data Center Cooling Systems
Google Employees Protest Secret Work on Censored Search Engine for China
Google Might Be Opening a Retail Store in Chicago
Johnson Controls Cortana-powered Thermostat to Work with Alexa, Google Assistant
WhatsApp Backups Won’t Count Against your Google Drive Storage from November
Google’s Ambitions for China Could Trigger a Crisis Inside the Company
After Google Gets Caught Tracking Users’ Locations Without Permission, it Makes Changes-to a Help Page
Senators Want Google and Facebook to Block 3D-printed Gun Files
Google Might Finally Sell Pixel Devices at Retail Stores
Google Play Promised to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining Apps, but We Found Tons
Facing Backlash, Google Says Plan for a Censored Search Engine in China in ‘early Stages’
Google Changes Website to Clarify Exactly When it is Tracking People Around
Google is Said to Be Looking to Launch a Smart Display
Google is Bringing Native Hearing Aid Support to Android
Google Launches Searchable Database on US Political Ads
Google Cloud Rolls Out Prepackaged AI Services Aimed at Business Functions
Google's Firebase Intros In-app Messaging, BigQuery Integration
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