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Google's Pixel 3 XL Notch 'Fix' is Dumb and You Should Just Buy a Regular Pixel 3 Instead
Google Translate Adds Real-time Translations for 13 New Languages
Fox on Tech: Google’s New Gadgets
Google's Mark Risher: We've Never Abused your 2FA Data
ProBeat: Hey Google, was Daydream Just a Dream?
Why Google Needs to Put Chrome OS in Developer Hands
Goodbye Google+, You Beautiful Squandered Opportunity
Google AI Claims 99% Accuracy in Metastatic Breast Cancer Detection
Congress Seeks More Information on the Google+ Data Exposure
Google Assistant Can Now Be Activated from the Lock Screen
Orange Teams up with Google on Dunant Transatlantic Cable Project
This Trojan Masquerades as Google Play to Hide on your Phone in Plain Sight
Senate Letter Criticizes Google for Failure to Disclose Data Vulnerability
Senators Demand Google Hand Over Internal Memo Urging Google+ Cover-up
Google Rolls Out G Suite Security Threat Alerts
Google+ for G Suite Lives on and Gets New Features
Google Ends Support for Reply, Which Added Smart Replies to Third-party Apps
Google Privacy Upgrades Could Jolt Gmail App Developers
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