Google stories

Google Confirms Pixel 3 Pre-orders Begin October 9
Google Admits Chatbots were a Bad Idea
September in Africa: Alibaba Saves Wildlife and Google Partners Comes to Nigeria
Google Home Mini Now Available in Aqua
Google’s Voice Access Gives Android Users Hands-free Control
Google Taking New Steps to Prevent Malicious Chrome Extensions
These Shockingly Real Images were Created by a Google Intern's AI
Google Launches DIY Smart Nest Thermostat E
Google Hid an Old-school Text Adventure Within a Search Results Page
Google is Trying to Earn More Money from YouTube by Capitalizing on People Using it for Searches
Google's Chrome OS Tablet Might Support Windows 10
Google Store Launches Mail-in Repair Service for Pixel Devices
Google Images will Now Display Creator and Copyright Metadata
The Google Doodle is even Older than Google Itself
Google: Your Hotel, Flight Planning Just Got Much Easier with Mobile Search
White House Sets Tech Roundtable as GOP Presses Google for Transparency
This Man has Helped Shape Google Search Almost from the Start
Google Backtracks-a Bit-on Controversial Chrome Sign-in Feature
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