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Google Chrome Extensions Bringing Back 'View Image' & 'Search by Image' Buttons in Google Image Search
Google's Pixel 2 XL will Charge at Much Slower Speeds When in 'Cold' Temperatures [Video]
Apple HomePod Vs Google Home: Comparing the Best Smart Speakers
Google is Adding Features to the Screenshot Tool, but Only in the Google App for Now
Google App Beta Rolls Out with Screenshot, Annotation and Sharing Tools Built in
Google App Beta Gets Tools to Edit and Share Screenshots
Google Search Removes 'View Image' Button in Attempt to Stop People Stealing Pictures
Here's Why 'View Image' Disappeared from Google Searches
Google Pixel 2 XL Rapid Charging Doesn't Work Below 20 Degrees Celsius
Google Pixel 2's Rapid Charging Depends on Battery Temperature, Tests Indicate
Google App Gets Option to Edit and Share Screenshots in Latest Beta
Google Flexed its Muscles with New Ad-blocking Rules, and Some Smaller Players are Concerned About its Power
Here's Why 'View Image' Disappeared from Google Searches
Here's Why 'View Image' Disappeared from Google Searches
Google App Beta Adds Built-in Screenshot-editing Tools
Google Pixel 2 Owners Complain About Warming and Diminished Battery Life After February Update
[UPDATED] Restore the “View Image” Button in Google Images with this Chrome (and Firefox) Extension
Google Pixel 2/2 XL Owners Complain About Overheating and Battery Issues After February Update
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