Google stories

Google Redesigns Drive to Look More like the New Gmail
Google Wants to Turn You into a Cyborg
Google's AI Sounds like a Human on the Phone
Google Play Movies Finally Works with Google Home
Google's New Tour Creator Lets Students Make their own VR Tours
Google's Wear OS Watches Get Serious About Better Battery Life
The New Google Maps is More than Just a Yelp Alternative
The Amazing Feature Google Promised and Never Delivered
Google Just Simplified Virtual Tour Creation
Google Maps Goes Beyond Directions
Google 'Cloud Anchors' will Help Synchronize Group AR Experiences Across iOS and Android Devices
Google Maps is Getting Augmented Reality Directions and Recommendation Features
Google I/O 2018: The 10 Biggest Announcements
Google News is Getting an Overhaul and Customized News Feeds
Google Pay Gains Support for Event Tickets and Boarding Passes
Google Smart Displays Hit this July with YouTube TV
Google Pay is Adding Mobile Boarding Passes and Event Tickets
8 Big Announcements from Google I/O 2018
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