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Updates to Google's Duo, Allo, and Photos Apps Bring Small but Important Features
Google Fights Fragmentation: New Android Features to Be Forced on Apps in 2018
New Google Translate App Now Available in China as Company Tries to Edge Back in
These are the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL
Google Wants Smart Reply to Run on all your Chat Apps to Answer When You're Busy
Google Assistant Comes to Older Android Phones Running 5.0 and up
Google Gives Users More Control Over the Ads They See
Google's Face Match Feature Doesn't Work in Illinois and Texas
Woz Says Apple, Google and Facebook will Be Around in 2075
Google Assistant Can Wake You up with a Favorite Song
Don't Freak Out About the Google Pixel's Android Update Problem
Google Building an Ad Blocker into Chrome Isn't as Crazy as it Sounds
Google Now Allows Users to Make their own GIFs Through Gboard App!!
7-year-old Asks for Google Job, Sundar Pichai Tells her to Finish School
Samsung Planning “Bixby” Speaker to Take on Echo, Google Home, HomePod
Google Pixel 2: What We Know
Google Launches Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation as Limited Beta (AI Green Screen to You and I)
IKEA's Low-cost Smart Lights Get Alexa, Google, and Siri Voice Support
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