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Instagram and Snapchat Have Dropped Support for GIPHY Stickers
The Real Reason Why GIFs are no Longer Available on Snapchat, Instagram
Instagram & Snapchat Remove Giphy Integration Due to Sticker W/ Racial Slur
Snapchat, Instagram Pull Giphy Integration After Users Find Extremely Racist GIF
Snapchat and Instagram Pull Giphy Stickers Over Racist GIF
Instagram and Snapchat Yank Giphy Integration Due to Racist GIF
Snapchat and Instagram Remove Giphy Feature Over Racist GIF
BlackBerry Sues Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Over Messaging
Segway's New Loomo Scooter Doubles as an Obedient Instagram Husband
Code Reveals Instagram May Be Close to Launching Voice, Video Chat Features
The 18-Through-24 Age Group Continues to Be Drawn to Snapchat and Instagram
Vero is Taking on Instagram by Fixing the One Thing Everyone Hates About Instagram
Vero won't Be the New Instagram Because Vero Sucks
What is Vero? The Overnight Instagram-Killer, Explained for Non-Teenagers
Vero: Will the Latest Social Craze Be the Next Instagram? Not if it Keeps Crashing
Meet Vero: Why a Billionaire's Instagram Alternative is Suddenly so Popular
App Hailed as 'New Instagram' Making Name for Itself
Vero: The 'New Instagram' Everyone's Talking About
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