Instagram stories

Instagram is Getting Less Intimate
Instagram is Integrating Recommendations into User Feeds
Instagram will Now Add ‘Recommended’ Posts to your Feed
Instagram is Changing your Feed Again, this Time with 'Recommended Posts'
You Can Now Check to See if You Follow Russian Propaganda on Facebook and Instagram
Instagram Live Videos Can Now Be Sent Through Direct Messages so Users Can 'Co-watch' Clips with Friends
Instagram Now Lets You Share Live Videos Through Direct Messages
Instagram Launches an Alpha Testing Program on iOS and Android
Instagram Wants to Make Hashtags Great Again
Instagram Now Lets You Follow Hashtags: Why Should You do It?
Instagram Gets More #interesting
Instagram Becomes an Interest Network with Hashtag Following
You Can Now Follow Hashtags on Instagram
Instagram Just Found a Way to Make Hashtags Relevant Again
Instagram is Testing a Standalone App for Direct Messaging
Instagram is Testing Direct, a Standalone Messaging App that Replaces the Current Inbox
Instagram's New Story Highlights Save your Disappearing Videos Forever
Instagram Adds Content Warnings for Koala Selfies
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